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Outstanding Contribution

Do you know someone in the industry who deserves to be recognised, who has gone above and beyond for our community? This could be a fellow brand owner, speaker, podcaster, educator or anybody that has gone that extra mile to help others.

Favourite Software Company

Have you worked with an outstanding software company that has been in the industry for some time (18 months or more) and deserves a special recognition for their contribution in helping sellers to succeed in the day-to-day running of their Amazon business?

Favourite Service Provider

This award is a way to recognise the valued contribution made by a service provider who may not otherwise fit into the other categories. This includes (but not limited to): listing optimisation, accounting and book-keeping, account management and logistics etc.

Favourite Amazon Consultant

Have you worked with an Amazon consultant who has offered you game-changing help and advice? Someone who has provided outstanding short or long-term value in relation to (and limited to): PPC, troubleshooting, logistics, product research etc.

Favourite Facebook Group

We all know the power of Facebook and more importantly the huge impact that a group can have on our industry. Therefore, do you know of a Facebook group that has strong member engagement and who has supported you in your Amazon business?

Favourite Youtube Channel

Aside from lamborghinis and big bookcases with people jumping up and down shouting, have you found a go-to YouTube channel that you feel has provided you with key information or expert guidance needed to help you in your Amazon business?

Favourite Podcast

Have you found a killer Podcast that has provided you with actionable content helping to catapult your own Amazon expertise? Do they publish on a regular basis, bring value to their community and provide current up-to-date info that you can implement easily?


Do you know of a course that has greatly benefited you as a new seller or had a tremendous impact on the businesses of other Amazon sellers you know? Those that qualify include online and physical courses / workshops you attend in person